EZDRM PlayReady

This option supports a PlayReady packaging between EZDRM's PlayReady DRM and the USP software. The webserver allows you to protect the audio/video streams on-the-fly with EZDRM's PlayReady DRM for packiging your video and audio content for protected playback to any devices supporting the PlayReady Content Access Protection technology from Microsoft.

You can enable EZDRM's PlayReady DRM by providing the following options for MP4Split:

Name Description
--iss.key_provider The DRM Provider name
--iss.key_provider_url The URL of the license server(s) used.

The following example creates a VOD server manifest with MP4Split program and will embed the key information in the server manifest.

Example for generating a server manifest with EZDRM's PlayReady DRM:

mp4split -o ezdrm.ism  \
  --iss.key_provider=ezdrm  \
   --iss.key_provider_url="http://playready.ezdrm.com/cheader/service1.asmx?op=GenerateKeys&username=(username)&password=(password)"  \

Once you generate server manifest file, as seen in the example above, all the key information is embedded in the server manifest.

Example of the embedded tags in the server manifest for protection on-the-fly:

meta name="key_id" content="key_id"
meta name="content_key" content="content_key"
meta name="license_server_url" content="http://playready.ezdrm.com/preauth.aspx?pX=id

About EZDRM's PlayReady DRM

EZDRM.com is a leader in providing hosted Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions. We are in a partnership with both Adobe and Microsoft to offer license provider services designed to give content creators a broad range of options to monetize and deliver their digital media assets.