Broadcasting 24/7

For setting up a 24/7 live stream you may want to change some default publishing parameters. Use the mp4split program to create the server manifest file, before the encoding is started.

For fourther options and requirements please refer to the Publishing Point API.

Create the publishing point

We'll be using the following script (bash) to create the server manifest:


mp4split -o \
  --archive_segment_length=60 \
  --dvr_window_length=30 \
  --archiving=0 \

A directory 'channel1' is created in the webservers's DocumentRoot, provided it didn't exist before and mp4split generates the server manifest (channel1.isml) with the options listed.

With the flag archiving set to 0, the publishing point only stores the last archive_segment_length of seconds to disk. When running a 24/7 stream the storage requirements are minimal.

Now you can start the encoder to start publishing to the publishing point:

Please note yo should change '' to your own URL.

Using LIVE encoders

For an overview of supported encoders see Factsheet.

For notes on how to work with LIVE encoders and UTC see Encoder settings.