CDN (On hold)

Shield caching

  • Describe in a couple of lines the benefit of using a shield caching
  • In case is needed add the Apache configuration (If we are sure about it)

Optimizing HTTP caching

This is an "obsolete" document but it would be important to take a look into it:

Deliver over HTTP/2 to reduce the connection overhead

HTTP based streaming protocols require a lot of connections for downloading manifests (to know which segments to download) and the segments themselves.

Three trends have increased the overhead of these connections, the shift to (i) HTTPS which requires an extra TLS handshake, (ii) delivering video and audio in separate streams, and (iii) smaller segment sizes (used to be 10 seconds, now 6 seconds or less).

HTTP/2 helps by allowing a connection to be re-used for subsequent requests.

Make sure to check with your CDN provider(s) that they support HTTP/2 and have it enabled on your account.

Deliver playlists using gzip content-encoding

HTTP headers


This subject can enrich the content to explain in more detail how to improve media distribution in the CDNs.

Best practices for cache control:


I recommend more work on caching/CDN support. Unified Streaming should not increase the CDN bill and efficient caching techniques should be supported.

Player (On hold)

What can be said about players? (The last part of the chain).

Player buffering behavior

Recommendations for best practice at the player side should contain: