Workflow overviewΒΆ

The typical workflow overview when using Unified Origin is as follows, for Live:

Live encoder ->  Unified Origin -> CDN -> Player/client  (Live)

and as follows for VOD:

(Cloud) Storage -> Unified Origin -> CDN -> Player/client  (VoD)

Workflows usually position Unified Origin between the media source and a content delivery network (CDN).

The content delivery network (CDN) delivers the formatted output streams by Unified Origin to the clients.

The media source provides the initial content to Unified Origin in a prepared format.


  • In some advanced use cases it was shown that Unified Origin can be integrated within, or positioned after the CDN ( i.e. runing at the edge). This is a use case that could be of interest to some telco or CDN partners as it can lead to bandwidth and cache storage reductions.
  • In many setups, additional proxies are placed either between the source and origin, or between the origin and CDN. This is often done for performance reasons. Examples will be given in subsequent sections.


We should consider adding more architectural diagrams to show the entire architecture with live encoder, mpd manipulator, packager and CDN.