Unified CaptureΒΆ

Unified Capture typical use cases are:

  • instant Live to VOD (Catch-up TV)
  • providing nPVR on premise or in the cloud
  • a verification tool

Unified Capture supports capturing from the following formats: HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), HTTP Live Streamnig (HLS), HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS) and MPEG-DASH.

An option is provided to use frame-accurate time ranges, offering seamless transition between cuts.

Schematically this looks like the following:

origin <-- capture
           storage (hds|hls|hss|dash)

Unified Capture can be integrated in existing workflows including Content Management Systems (CMS).


Unified Capture is designed to be used in tandem only with the Unified Origin. Certain features are available only when the captured content is delivered by Unified Origin. This means that it is not advised to produce output with capture for other platforms or players as it may not be supported by their implementation. This is also highly dependent on encoder output, that must be following all the recommendations outlined here: Recommended LIVE Settings

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