License Key

After registration on our website, you can get an evaluation key by clicking the following button:

The website will ask you to login before you can get a key. If you do not have a login, please go to registration first.

Unified Origin

The following lists available features (y indicates they’re part of the evaluation):


  HLS HDS ISS DASH Progressive/MP4 Encoder Ingest
VOD y y y y    
Live y y y y   y


The following DRM options are available (y indicates they’re part of the evaluation):

Adobe Access AES-128 Marlin Piff2Cenc PlayReady Sample-AES Widevine

For HLS there are various other options, which are not part of the evaluation:

Name Description
Conax Contego HLS Playready
Discretix HLS Playready
Inside Secure HLS Playready envelope
Irdeto Control SKE, HLS Playready
Verimatrix VCAS HLS AES-128

Please see Unified Origin - DRM for an overview.

License key location

Please note that each of the webservers has their own unique location for its configuration.

Apache License Key

For Apache, the UspLicenseKey server directive must be used which maye be placed in the vhost conf file before the actual virtual host:

UspLicenseKey /path/to/usp-license.key

<VirtualHost *:80>

  # Rest of config


Nginx License Key

For Nginx, the usp_license_key server directive must be used which is placed in the http section of nginx.conf (before any server block):

http {
  usp_license_key /path/to/usp-license.key;

  # rest of config


IIS License Key

For IIS, copy the license into a file called:


Lighttpd License key

For Lighttpd, you need to use the usp_license_key server directive, which is placed in lighttpd.conf:

smooth-streaming.usp_license_key = /path/to/usp-license.key

Unified Capture

You need to pass the key on the command line with the --license-key option.


unified_capture --license-key=/path/to/usp-license.key \
  -o oceans.ismv \

Capture is not part of the evaluation. Possible outputs are:

Capture VOD Live
DASH y n
F4F (HDS) y n
HLS y n
ISMV (Smooth) y y
MP4 n n
Decrypt y y

When capturing Live, the only format available is ismv. The packager can be used to create other formats.

Unified Packager

The following features are available with the evaluation. Please note that all features can be licensed.

Alternate Audio            
Server Manifest creation   y        
Client Manifest creation   y        

License key

You need to pass the key on the command line with the --license-key option.


mp4split --license-key=/path/to/usp-license.key \
  -o oceans.ism \

License key wrapper

For convience, you may want to create a wrapper script or alias for mp4split.

The wrapper for mp4split could be the following:

mp4split --license-key=/path/to/usp-license.key $@
  • this you save in a file in your home directory (where you enter when logging in) as for instance ‘mp4split-run’
  • the $@ part will pass the options you give the script to mp4split
  • to make the script executable do ‘chmod +x mp4split-run’

The second option is to create an alias in your .bashrc

alias mp4split="/path/to/mp4split --license-key=/path-to/usp-license.key $@"

License installation check

You should see the following in the Apache error.log (/var/log/apache2/error.log on Ubuntu):

License key found: YOUR_KEY
Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) IISMS/4.0 configured -- resuming normal operations

Error messages

If a call to mp4split (or the webserver) results in for instance the following it means the required permission is not part of the license:

Status: 403 FMP4_403
X-USP-Error: drm: no policy for Widevine encryption

Evaluation versions do require internet access, as outlined here, if this is not set up the resulting error will look like the following:

apache mod_smooth_streaming (version=1.7.10) failed to initialize! (error
message: could not connect to host), please contact

This message will be printed in the Apache error log.

Other possible errors might be the following:

‘verify license signature not valid’

The key is meant for a different version (for instance trying a 1.6 key with a 1.7 version)

‘license expired’

The license expired, please contact

‘base64_decode: unexpected end of file’

If you get the following error in your Apache error.log:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'fmp4::exception'
what(): 415 FMP4_415 (base64_decode: unexpected end of file?)

please check you copied the license key correctly.

You can for instance test with

mp4split --license-key=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

where YOUR_LICENSE_KEY is the key you received.

‘keyfile not found’

This means the license key cannot be found. Please refer to the License Key page on how to install it:

‘could not connect to host’

The evaluation version needs internet access to check the license key as outlined here.

Please make sure your firewall settings allow this.