Content PreparationΒΆ

Input files for Unified Remix should be ISO BMFF / MP4s, and both fragmented or progressive formats are supported.

For optimal performance a data reference MP4 can be made to minimise the index lookups required by Remix. See –use_dref_no_subs

For example, creating a dref MP4 for Tears of Steel with different bitrates in separate files:

mp4split \
  --license_key=<license_key> \
  --use_dref_no_subs \
  -o tears_of_steel_dref.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_4000k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_3000k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_2000k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_1200k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_600k.mp4 \