Unified CaptureΒΆ

Unified Capture typical use cases are:

  • instant Live to VOD (Catch-up TV)
  • providing nPVR on premise or in the cloud
  • stream validation

Unified Capture supports capturing from the following formats:

Streaming protocol Capture input from Origin Capture output Type
MPEG-DASH (recommended) Client manifest: .mpd fMP4: .ismv VOD, Live, Timed Metadata
Microsoft Smooth Streaming Client manifest: Manifest fMP4: .ismv VOD, Live
Apple HLS TS Media Playlist: .m3u8 MPEG-TS: .ts VOD
Apple HLS CMAF Media Playlist: .m3u8 fMP4: .cmf[v|a|t] VOD
Adobe HDS Client manifest: .f4m FLV: .flv VOD

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