To evaluate the software, create an account on our website at registration so you can get a key.

After you have created an account, please write us a mail with a short introduction of yourself / your company and how you are planning to use the software.

If you already have an account please login.


Docker is our preferred way to evaluate: the Docker Express section will guide you through the fast and easy setup.

See How to Install for more options.

Alternatively, you can use the Choosing the Instance from the Amazon Marketplace, which are available in all regions.


The documentation assumes that you are familiar with the OS, its tools and the webserver that you are using, for instance Linux, Bash and Apache - same for any other OS and webserver.


The evaluation version needs internet access to check the license key against ( In doing so it will do a lookup at Google's DNS servers ( You need to allow access to these IP addresses and ports in your firewall. Use of proxies (e.g., SOCKS) is not possible: only direct access. These restrictions do not apply with a production license.

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