Release notes version 1.13.*

Version 1.13.5 (2024-04-04) GA

Virtual Channel

  • Fix rare case where HLS media sequence counter could lose track of transitions (#259).

Version 1.13.4 (2024-03-28) RC

  • live: when media splicing is enabled, the very last ingested media segment may become spliced in the future, and it is not announced in the playlist. Previously this behaviour was also present when only Timed Metadata was configured (#9317).

  • live: the time_shift option now only shifts the live edge. Introduced terminology 'live playlist any length DVR', 'catchup', 'bounded startover' and 'unbounded startover'.

  • hls: create CHARACTERISTICS attribute according to the rules specified in CTA specification Web Application Video Ecosystem - DASH-HLS Interoperability Specification (CTA-5005-A) (#9300).

Version 1.13.3 (2024-03-21) RC

  • linux packages replaced by new build system.

  • dash: use MPEG DASH roles defined in the "kind" box as-is and no longer translate unknown roles to "unknown" (#9327).

  • dash: only try to determine the AdaptationSet@Role for text tracks when it is not specifically signaled (#9329, #7338).

  • remix: fixed padding (with a single frame duration) of 50 fps video tracks when combined with 25 fps tracks (#9320).

  • ingest: added passthrough support for 'styp' boxes.

  • ingest: check for 'lmsg' as compatibility brand to close the stream.

  • libfmp4: implemented Dolby Vision (Streams within the HTTP Live Streaming format) version 2.1.

  • libfmp4: when a media segment has a gap, now signals the gap as a second TrackFragment ('traf') with the gap specified as 'empty time' (#9306).

Version 1.13.2 (2024-03-01)

  • origin: added query parameter '?brand=iso4' to override the default brand iso2 when downloading a presentation as progressive MP4 (#9309).

  • manifest_edit: improved Adaptation Set selection syntax, with better support for attributes that can also be present at Representation level (#9313).

  • libfmp4: added missing useMPDUrlQuery binding for manifest_edit.

  • vod2live: fixed durations of audio segments that did not match the durations advertised in the manifest (#9301).

Version 1.13.1 (2024-02-09)

  • libfmp4: When markers have an identical event identifier and the first marker is still 'active' we now consider the following marker as a repeat of an already active message (and ignore it) (#9314).

  • libfmp4: only use sample flags information from the sdtp box to override signaling of sync-samples when the format is vc1/wma/avc.

  • packager: fixed output performance regression (introduced 1.12.4) when writing to NFS or similar high latency remote storage (#9308).

  • Removed support for Debian 11.

  • packager: some HEVC input files with incorrect signaling (hvc1 or dvh1 while the file actually contains hev1 or dvhe) can now be corrected while repackaging.

Virtual Channel

  • Add force DELETE for channels API (#256)

Version 1.13.0 (2023-12-22) GA

  • Added support for Alpine Linux 3.19.

  • Packager: removed duplicate <smpte:image> elements when fragmenting TTML input containing IMSC1 Images (#9305).

  • Removed support for Alpine Linux 3.17.