Remix nPVR Workflow Components

Required compoenent



The archiver process uses Unified Capture (see Program Usage for further information) to create time based archive segments used by Remix.

Unified Origin - Live

Unified Origin - LIVE is used for Live playout, and for capturing / archiving.

Unified Origin - VOD nPVR playout

Unified Origin - VOD plays out content for nPVR by taking the remixed MP4 created by Remix and playing out all streaming formats.

Remix Origin

Based on a SMIL input, it compares the scheduled sources and produces a single remixed MP4 that is a representation of the playlist. Remix uses a set of heuristics to match tracks between separate input sources to enable the production of a seamless output presentation.

Below is an example using remix to generate a new clip in which the closed GOP is split across multiple sources.


Because unified_capture --remix does not insert additional keyframes at archive segment boundaries, Unified Remix cannot use the initial and final samples inside a GOP that is split over two segments unless both segments are in the SMIL (restoring the original sequence). Attempting to start a clip at the first sample of the first archive segment, will result in seeking the nearest available keyframe instead.


SMIL Origin

Creates a playlist based on a request URL.