Release notes version 1.14.*

Version 1.14.2 (2024-06-21) GA

  • mp4split: fixed regression (introduced in 1.14.1) when creating dref-ed files from MP4 files larger than 4GB (#9352).

  • apache: added experimental max-age millisecond accurate cache control header (USP-Cache-Control) (#9277).

  • mp4split: added bash CLI autocompletion (#7224).

  • fixed: support reading ContentProtectionData in CPIX when both a "pssh" and "vodrm" element is present (#9345).

  • added: CMSD-Static header with "at" and "ept" values.

  • added: Alpine Linux 3.20, removed: Alpine Linux 3.18.

  • soon to be discontinued: Debian 12.

  • manifest-edit: added --verbose_manifest option to reduce verbosity by deactivating full pipeline configuration dump in manifest comments.

  • mp4split: added explicit error messages when a AV1 Codec Configuration Box does not have exactly one Sequence Header OBU, as required by AV1-ISOBMFF (#9346).

Known issues (not yet fixed in this GA):

  • libfmp4: handle incorrectly ordered out/in splice_insert() cues (#9344).

  • libfmp4: limit the maximum movie timescale to 10MHz (#9354).

  • hls: signal the duration of EXT-X-GAP to keep the timeline continuous (#9351).

Version 1.14.1 (2024-05-22)

  • fixed specifying suppress_query_parameters as a query parameter (#9342).

  • added support for Ubuntu Linux 24.04 LTS.

Version 1.14.0 (2024-04-25)

  • live: allow $Bandwidth$ in segment templates of Ingest-MPD (#9091).

  • live: calculate the live edge using all the streams (instead of just the streams of one switching set) (#9337) (#9338) and (#9340).

  • libfmp4: fixed XMLMetaDataSampleEntry bitrate signalling (#9341).

  • Updated FFmpeg to 7.0.


  • Changed installation instructions, installation directory layout, and manifest_edit deployment for Windows. See this document.

Virtual Channel

  • Fix inefficiencies in channel and transition delete API (#258).