What is Unified Virtual Channel

Unified Virtual Channel is a new solution designed to simplify virtual channel creation by integrating via API directly into existing workflows.

Create the most advanced virtual linear channels to date using VOD or Live sources. Introduce ad workflows for FAST channel creation and seamlessly transition from one source to another for a truly dynamic experience.

A channel is created by submitting a SMIL playlist, in which you specify the channel start date/time and its content, that can reference either Live streams or (stiched together) VOD assets. SCTE-35 markers can be added to VOD playlists to signal Ad opportunities downstream.

Virtual Channel includes a Unified Origin instance for channel playout that, by default, indefinitely loops through the submitted playlist.

Virtual Channel overview

Under a few conditions, it is possible to have a channel switch and play a different playlist, at a given date/time, by means of a so-called "transition". Virtual Channel takes care of making the transition seamless for Dash and HLS players. Transitions can switch between VOD2Live playlists and live sources from another Unified Origin. Refer to Virtual Channel's solutions page for an overview of the supported scenarios.

For a detailed introduction and demonstration of how exactly it works in video form see Virtual Channel explainer video.