Unified Origin - LIVE

Live stream with restart & catch-up

Package and secure live video just-in-time (JIT) into formats that reach any internet connected device. Deliver 24/7 live linear channels, events, concerts, sports or breaking news. Offer restart and catch-up functionality to improve the end user experience.

Key features

  • All industry standard playout formats, HLS (TS & CMAF), (DVB-)DASH, HbbTV, HDS and Smooth

  • Cutting edge codecs, high quality audio and video, HEVC, Dolby Atmos, AC4, DTS:X

  • Every major DRM system, FairPlay, Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine

Main benefits

  • Extensive compatibility, stream your content to all major platforms and devices

  • Deploy anywhere, bare metal on premises, containerized, or in the cloud

  • High availability, being stateless, failover is seamless and your service won't be disrupted in case of emergency

  • Future proof, flexibility to quickly and easily make changes and integrate Dynamic Ad Replacement

  • Deliver the highest quality stream, stream 4K HDR with advanced audio, subtitle and video formats, and add accessibility options

  • Flexible viewing, enable your customers to replay and restart programs with the press of a button

How it works

A Live encoder posts a live stream to Origin, which ingests it, creating a live archive on disk to stream from. Based on incoming requests from viewers, Origin dynamically packages the live stream into the requested format.

To scale this setup for delivery to millions of viewers, a CDN sits in front of Origin, caching Origin's output and handling almost all of the requests.

Viewers can also start a show from the beginning or watch programming from the last couple of days. Origin can generate these recordings from its live archive, the length of which you can configure to suit the needs of your streaming service.


Table of contents

The Interface 1 of the DASH-IF Live Media Ingest specification outlines how the encoder uses HTTP POST to stream the live event to an origin. See LIVE Ingest and Content Preparation for more details.

The following sections document how to setup Live ingest and playout, the various options, the API as well as how to setup redundacy or live playout control.