Using the AWS marketplace

We provide our products as preconfigured, fully installed images in the cloud marketplace of AWS. You have the option to license on an hourly basis (charged on usage) or license annually (upfront commitment).

You can find the products, listed as Amazon Machine Images, at the Unified Streaming seller page on Unified Streaming AWS Marketplace. and choose those that meet your requirements.

Each product AMI is preconfigured and includes test content and demo environment with DASH and HLS test players, so users can easily start streaming.

Instance types The provided instance types have been tested to provide the best performance with our software. The instance types provide similar value in terms of performance, and number of live channels that can be streamed on a specific instance size. The instances differ in availability per AWS region. Please take a look at the Choosing the Instance document if you need further help in deciding your instance type.

Products available

Product version updates

Once a new product version is published (see Release notes), the former AWS marketplace release remains valid and supported for an additional 90 days.

For each new version release, and for each version that is sunseting, AWS will send a notification email.