Unified Remix - AVOD

VOD stream with ads

Prepare your VOD streams for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) by creating SCTE 35 ad opportunity markers and conditioning the content to make it suitable for ad insertion. Unlock new revenue streams and expand your audience through cheaper or free ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) services.

Key features

  • Supports HLS and MPEG-DASH, without breaking backward compatibility for older formats like Smooth Streaming

  • Industry standard ad break signaling, uses SCTE 35 markers to signal advertisement opportunities

  • No transcoding needed, efficiently prepares on-demand assets for ad insertion

Main benefits

  • Proven compatibility, tried and tested with many third-party ad insertions services

  • Increase ad revenue, target ads per region, user, demographic

  • Keep ads relevant, refresh stale ads in your Catch-up TV or nPVR services

  • Frame accurate transitions, broadcast quality delivery with seamless transitions between main content and ads

  • Buffer free experience, transitions between programs and ad breaks without buffering or artifacts

  • Static and dynamic delivery, Compatible with both Unified Packager and Unified Origin

How it works

Alongside the main content, ad insertion opportunities are defined in a playlist. This playlist is processed by Unified Remix, after which Unified Origin (just-in-time) or Unified Packager (static) generates a stream with splice points at each of these opportunities. A third-party ad insertion service then manipulates the manifest to insert ads into the stream at these splice points.


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