Unified Remix - VOD

Create personalized streams

Stitch together media from different sources to create one seamless stream. Add media such as content warnings, promos, bumpers, or interstitials to existing on-demand content. Use it for cross promotion, legal compliance, localization edits, seasonal themes and all sorts of creative customizations.

Key features

  • Just-in-time editing, server-side editing delivers a single stream for trouble free playback on all devices

  • Playlist driven workflow, Easily integrated into content management systems

  • Frame accurate, Seamless transitions between media from different sources

Main benefits

  • Stitch content without re-encoding, add rate cards, dub cards, pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls

  • Increase engagement, promote related content from your catalog

  • Buffer free experience, a seamless stream is delivered to the player

  • Deploy anywhere, bare metal on premises, containerized, or in the cloud

  • Static and dynamic delivery, compatible with both Unified Packager and Unified Origin

How it works

Use a playlist to specify the content you want to stitch together. This playlist is processed by Unified Remix, which outputs a remixed MP4 from which Origin (just-in-time) or Packager (static) can generate a seamless stream.


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