Unified Remix - VOD

Say when, where and how

Unified Remix VOD’s innovative approach uses a playlist to stitch content upstream from the origin server and deliver a single stream with no discontinuity.

Think of Unified Remix VOD as a just-in-time video-editing solution for adding to main content promos, pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls and more. Streams can be personalized in any arrangement, a stream for each viewer, streams to groups of viewers (for example, according to geo-location or subscriptions) or even a single stream for all viewers. All without the requirement to repackage or re-encode your VOD assets.


  • Utilizes a playlist resolving engine for server-side just-in-time editing delivering a single stream with no discontinuity
  • Seamless transitions between cuts and clips with frame accurate recording
  • Reduces vulnerability to ad blocking technologies and client-side playback deviations encountered when using manifest manipulation based methods

Key Benefits

  • Use virtual subclips for flexibility to add, remove and edit content creating program highlights, skipping content or removing unwanted ads for example
  • Add Ratecards and Dubcards without re-packaging or re-encoding to meet regional legal requirements
  • Add pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads and promos to streams personalized to any arrangement
  • Integrated with Unified Origin's dynamic packaging and Unified Packager's static workflows supporting all formats, multi-DRM and on-premise or cloud deployments

How it works

Unified Remix VOD uses a playlist to mix clips on the server side, removing all decision logic from the player. The playlist is based on a general rule set triggered by a CMS, a recommendation system or other business rules. It transforms the playlist into a remixed MP4 as input for Unified Origin just-in-time packaging and Unified Packager for static packaging, which can both deliver all playout formats.

The result, a unified approach to delivering to all devices from a single playlist. The components work together in a micro service architecture enabling flexible deployment using a (container) orchestration framework on premises or in the cloud.


Technical Documentation