Manifest EditΒΆ

Manifest Edit is a Unified tool designed to provide a layer of flexibility to the standard manifest generation toolchain.

Unified Origin, Packager and Remix are designed to generate manifests strictly respecting the most up-to-date versions of the relevant standards, in order to maximize interoperability and compatibility. However, video streaming workflows can be very complex, usually integrating components from different platforms and vendors. Each of these components may introduce its own assumptions about a manifest's format, or it could just not yet support a particular feature, or require non-standard elements to be present in a manifest to support additional features.

In all these cases, Manifest Edit can be used to post-process a manifest right after its generation, introducing the modifications that may be required by the downstream components present in your workflow.

For maximum simplicity, Manifest Edit comes with a library of plugins implementing use cases that have been developed based on our experience with many vendors and content providers. You just need to activate or combine them based on your needs.

Finally, the integrated python plug-in engine allows a very quick development and deployment of those use cases not yet included in Unified Streaming's library.

If you need to install Manifest Edit, please refer to the Installation Chapter. This manual will explain the basic concepts you need to know to operate it, it will drive you through the library of available plug-ins and the ways you can customize and combine them to fit your needs.

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