Unified Remix - nPVR

Watch it now, later and all over again

Remix nPVR enables the creation of a flexible, scalable and reliable catch-up or nPVR service that enriches the pay-tv experience. It replaces customer premise equipment by moving content storage to centralized servers on-premise or in the cloud.

Customers enjoy significant benefit such as high resolution content for superior image quality. Personalized recordings and simultaneous recording of multiple programs. Accessibility to content on all devices whether at home or away.

For Operators Remix nPVR means an agile approach to dealing with common broadcast recording issues, uncertain programming schedules, stale ads and minimizing storage overhead. Improved content monitoring provides an increase in monetization opportunities through better targeted advertising.


  • Infinite archive, no limitations to the archive length except storage size and no performance degradation as storage scales
  • Maximum storage efficiency because everything is stored on disk only once
  • Instant replay the moment an asset is archived
  • Utilizes a playlist resolving engine for server-side just-in-time editing delivering a single stream with no discontinuity

Key Benefits

  • Flexible, scalable cloud based or on-premise deployment
  • Enables customers to make a personal library of recordings from live streams
  • Seamless transitions between cuts and clips with frame accurate recording
  • Align EPG inaccuracies when they change without the need for repackaging or re-encoding
  • Increase ARPU by refreshing stale ads, differentiate them across regions, refresh them for ready steady sponsors or relevance to the viewer
  • Integration with Unified Origin for packaging and encryption on the fly for all formats on all devices

How it works

Remix nPVR makes use of three Unified products. Unified Capture archives Unified Origin’s live presentation to disk in timed-based segments. An nPVR ‘recording’ is defined in a playlist referencing these segments. Remix reads the playlist and stitches the segments together. Unified Origin uses the playlist to generate a seamless recording in the requested output format.


Technical Documentation