Unified Remix - nPVRΒΆ

Infinite recording for personalized playback

Enable viewers to record live streams in a flexible and scalable way. Remix nPVR dynamically generates recordings so common broadcast issues such as inaccurate start and end times in EPG data can be instantly resolved. Delivered by Unified Origin, these recordings are accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Key features

  • Infinite archive, unlimited archive length with no performance degradation
  • On-the-fly VOD clips, record, archive, repurposed and replay clips from live streams
  • Instant replay, access content the moment it is archived

Main benefits

  • Personalized recordings, viewers can choose what to record, creating a personal library of recordings
  • Frame accurate catch-up, resolve EPG inaccuracies without repackaging or re-encoding
  • Available on any device, playback regardless of viewer device
  • Increase ad revenue, refresh stale ads and target them for viewer relevance
  • Deploy anywhere, bare metal on premises, containerized, or in the cloud
  • Integrates into existing solutions, can be added to live streaming setups built on Unified Origin

How it works

Recordings are dynamically generated and defined in easily updatable playlists that reference segments archived from a live stream.

Unified Origin bookends this workflow with Origin Live serving as the source and Origin VOD delivering the recordings to viewers. Unified Capture is responsible for archiving the live stream to disk in segments of a pre-defined length. The service that generates the playlists is a point of integration.

Unified Remix reads the playlist and translates it to a remixed MP4, which references the media data in the archived segments and stitches it together on a new, seamless timeline. This remixed MP4 then serves as the input for Origin VOD to generate and deliver the recording in whichever format is requested.


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