Storage and Environment Options

Remix VOD is flexible when it comes to deployment options, as both Unified Origin and Remix are stateless and work over HTTP. This means it can easily be deployed on both physical or virtual hosts, or using container technology such as Docker.

Supported OS and software versions

Remix requires Apache 2.4.x.

Recommended OS and web server versions are:

Ubuntu 18.04


Ubuntu 20.04


Alpine Linux v3.14



Storage for Remix VOD can consist of any form of attached storage (a mount point on the filesystem) or HTTP accessible storage such as S3.

The only requirement is that content must be accessible at the same path from both Remix Origin and Unified Origin, e.g. if using network attached storage mounted to /storage, the mount must be the same on all Remix Origins and Unified Origin.

Content Preparation

Input files for Unified Remix should be ISOBMFF / MP4s, and both fragmented or progressive formats are supported.

For optimal performance a data reference MP4 can be made to minimise the index lookups required by Remix. See --use_dref_no_subs

For example, creating a dref MP4 for Tears of Steel with different bitrates in separate files:

mp4split \
  --license_key=<license_key> \
  --use_dref_no_subs \
  -o tears_of_steel_dref.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_4000k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_3000k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_2000k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_1200k.mp4 \
  tears_of_steel_600k.mp4 \


Remix VOD can be deployed using various approaches:

  • Bare metal

  • Virtual machines as for instance Amazon EC2

  • Container environments managed by for instance Kubernetes