Unified Remix - VOD2LiveΒΆ

Streaming meets linear TV

Deliver viewers a traditional TV-like experience with custom linear TV channels, niche and pop-up channels that cater to a particular audience, pre-recorded music events, FAST (free ad-supported TV) services and more. VOD2Live takes a set of media assets previously prepared for VOD streaming and repurposes them into a live linear stream.

Key features

  • No live encoder, repurpose VOD assets in a playlist driven workflow without the need for a live encoder
  • Works on every device, deliver HLS, MPEG-DASH and Smooth with output being no different from a live encoder
  • Live ad replacement, add industry standard SCTE 35 markers for live ad replacement

Main benefits

  • Cost-effective, no expensive broadcast chain with live encoders. No viewers equals no running cost
  • Capitalize on market trends, Create niche/boutique channels, and live stream pre-recorded concerts and other events
  • Unlimited flexibility, create as many channels as you like for every audience with minimal upfront investment
  • Cutting edge codecs, Stream in 4K HDR with advanced audio using HEVC, AV1, Dolby Atmos or DTS:X
  • Easy to integrate, fits seamlessly into existing Unified Streaming workflows
  • Deploy anywhere, bare metal on premises, containerized, or in the cloud

How it Works

Remix VOD2Live makes use of two Unified Streaming products: Unified Remix for preparing the playlist of VOD assets, and Unified Origin for delivering this playlist as a live stream.

The live stream can be configured to start at a specific time and can also be left looping until stopped. Viewers join the stream at the live edge as with a regular live stream. From the perspective of the playout device, there is no difference between a live stream from a live encoder and one generated using Remix VOD2Live.


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