Unified Remix - VOD2Live


Remix VOD2Live is evolving!

Unified Virtual Channel is a new solution designed to simplify virtual channel creation by integrating via API directly into existing workflows.

Create the most advanced virtual linear channels to date using VOD or Live sources. Introduce ad workflows for FAST channel creation and seamlessly transition from one source to another for a truly dynamic experience.

Read Unified Virtual Channel docs for more information.

How it Works

Remix VOD2Live makes use of two Unified Streaming products: Unified Remix for preparing the playlist of VOD assets, and Unified Origin for delivering this playlist as a live stream.

The live stream can be configured to start at a specific time and can also be left looping until stopped. Viewers join the stream at the live edge as with a regular live stream. From the perspective of the playout device, there is no difference between a live stream from a live encoder and one generated using Remix VOD2Live.


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