Unified Remix - VOD2LiveΒΆ

Bring your VOD to Live

Remix VOD2Live is an innovative way of creating virtual OTT linear channels from repurposed VOD assets without the need for a live encoder. Skipping the set-up of a full broadcast-chain with the benefits of reduced costs and time-to-market. You can create an unlimited number of channels without upfront investment as no viewers equals no running costs.

Built on proven technology and seamlessly integrated with Unified Origin and fitting into existing workflows whether on premises or in the cloud. All Unified Origin features are supported, including multi-formats, multi-DRM, SCTE 35 markers and player compliance.


  • Capitalize on market trends with niche/boutique channels, pre-recorded music events, popup channels and product launches
  • Deliver the highest quality experiences with Dolby Atmos and AV1
  • Monetize with personalized ad breaks

Key Benefits

  • Easy to integrate, fits seamlessly into existing workflows.
  • Cost-effective, no need for a complete broadcast chain including live encoders
  • Use industry standard SCTE 35 to personalize ad replacement
  • Deploy anywhere, on premises or cloud
  • Unlimited flexibility, setup as many channels as you like without upfront investment.

How it Works

Remix VOD2Live makes use of two Unified Streaming products. Unified Remix for preparing the scheduled VOD playlist, and Unified Origin for delivering this linear presentation.

The linear presentation can be configured to start at a specific time and can also be left looping until stopped. Viewers join the presentation at the live edge as with a regular live presentation. From a client perspective, there is no difference between a live presentation that was generated through a Live encoder and one that was scheduled using Remix VOD2Live.


Technical Documentation