Release notes version 1.11.1 GA

This GA release introduces Unified Remix VOD2Live and includes many fixes as well.

For general info about what you should take into account when upgrading, see: Upgrade to a New Version.


VOD2Live requires a license update. Please contact if you want to make use of this new feature.

What's new in 1.11.1 GA

The highlights of this GA release are the following:


  • VOD2Live is a completely new solution. It allows you to create a linear live channel from VOD assets without the need for a Live encoder. You can schedule the VOD assets that you want to stream Live using a SMIL (XML) playlist that is processed with Remix in order to prepare the stream for playout with Origin. This solution builds on, and can be combined with, previously released playlist-based solutions like Remix VOD, Remix nPVR and Remix AVOD. For more info, please see our documentation: Remix VOD2Live.

Prefetching support

  • Unified Origin will now dynamically generate HTTP Link headers for most of the media segments it generates (previously, this was supported for Smooth Streaming media segments only). By configuring Apache, Link headers can be used to conditionally set the Akamai CDN-Origin-Assist-Prefetch-Path headers, potentially improving the cache hit ratio on the CDN. For more info, please see our documentation: Prefetch headers provided by Origin.

Manifest Edit

  • After the first release of Manifest Edit in our previous GA (1.10.28), 1.11.1 GA broadens the scope of Manifest Edit by including support for HLS (in addition to DASH). Manifest Edit can be plugged into the Origin to post-process a manifest right after its generation, introducing the modifications that may be required by the downstream components present in your workflow. For more info, please see our documentation: Manifest Edit.

Dolby AC-4

  • This release introduces full support for Dolby's latest audio format, AC-4. It supports object-based audio and has been build from the start with streaming delivery in mind.

Improved handling of SCTE 35

  • As detailed in Release notes version 1.10.* a number of improvements have been made in the way SCTE 35 is handled, to increase compatibility with and robustness of ad insertion and ad replacement workflows.

Version 1.11.1 (2021-04-12) GA

  • vod2live: set presentationTimeOffset when using the --vod2live_start_time (#8763)
  • added support for Debian 11.

Version 1.11.0 (2021-04-01) RC

  • live origin: fixed race condition reading timed metadata & fixed duplicate tracks in server manifest (#8707).
  • origin: set @maxPlayoutRate at AdaptationSet level instead of at Representation level (#8758).