Introduction to the Unified Streaming PlatformΒΆ

Unified Origin is a software plugin for standard webservers like Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS and Lighttpd, which takes an ingest in one format that it can package on-the-fly to all formats.

It can be used to stream Video on Demand (VOD) and Live. For Streaming VOD, it takes HLS, MP4 or fMP4 as an ingest, while for streaming Live, an fMP4 (HSS, DASH) ingest is required. All of its features and requirements are part of our Factsheet.

The Unified Origin plugin comes in the form of the mod-smooth-streaming package and uses information from a manifest file on the server (the 'server manifest') to generate the different client manifest files (HSS, HDS, DASH) and playlists (HLS) that a player can use for playout.

Unified Origin will automatically create the corresponding client manifest or playlist at the moment that a player requests a stream in a certain format. From its ingest, Unified Origin will then also generate the corresponding fragments in the requested format (i.e. audio, video and subtitles). Each format has its own Player URL to request the corresponding stream for playout.

As the manifest files and playlists for the different clients are created on-the-fly, they are not stored on disk. The server manifest file, on the other hand, is stored on disk and needs to be generated by our Unified Packager, which comes in the form of the mp4split package that is part of Unified Origin's full setup.