Dynamic Delivery - Unified Origin


Using a server manifest that references the remixed MP4, Unified Origin VOD can dynamically generate and output DASH, fMP4 HLS and HLS TS with all the SCTE 35 signaling necessary to support a third-party ad insertion workflow.


Output of Adobe HDS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming will keep working in a Remix AVOD workflow with Origin, but it will not contain Timed Metadata (and so will not be suitable for a third-party ad insertion workflow)

Creating a VOD server manifest for a Remix AVOD worklfow

When creating a server manifest with a remixed MP4 as input, make sure that --timed_metadata is enabled, and if content splicing is necessary --splice_media as well:


mp4split -o manifest.ism \
  --timed_metadata \
  --splice_media \
  --hls.client_manifest_version=4 \
  --hls.no_audio_only \
  --hls.minimum_fragment_length=4004/1000 \

When you have created the server manifest, streaming the media works the same as any regular Unified Origin VOD setup (except that you may want to add a third-party ad insertion service to your workflow). For more info on Origin VOD, please see the relevant documentation: Unified Origin - VOD.

To check the Timed Metadata in the output, either request an MPD for DASH, or one the HLS Media Playlists (the Timed Metadata will not be present in the Master Playlist).