Unified Packager

Prepare content for streaming to any device

A favorite of major broadcasters, telcos and streaming platforms because of its advanced feature set. Unified Packager prepares Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) VOD content for streaming to any device. Choose to package separate formats or a single format in preparation for streaming with Unified Origin, our dynamic packager.

Key features

  • All industry standard playout formats, HLS (TS & CMAF), (DVB-)DASH, HbbTV, HDS and Smooth
  • Comprehensive subtitle support, easily convert between formats; WebVTT, SRT, TTML and CEA-608
  • Latest codecs, AV1, HEVC, Dolby Atmos, Dolby AC-4, DTS:X
  • Every major DRM system, FairPlay, Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine

Main benefits

  • Works offline, no need to maintain a web server for operation
  • Deploy anywhere, bare metal on premises, containerized, or in the cloud (even as a Lambda function)
  • Easy to integrate, being command-line based, it fits seamlessly into scripted workflows
  • Deliver the highest quality stream, stream 4K HDR with advanced audio, subtitle and video formats, and add accessibility options
  • Content protection, encryption and support for all major DRM systems with multiple keys and key rotation
  • Broaden your audience, deliver captions for the hard of hearing as well as audio description tracks for the visually impaired

How it works

In a fully static workflow you move your content to your origin server or a CDN after packaging it to all the formats you need. From there it is ready to be streamed to your customers.

Static packaging is the process of changing the file format or ‘container’ in which digital content is stored, e.g. changing a progressive MP4 into a fragmented MP4. This means that for every additional format your assets will be duplicated on disk. Adding encryption (and DRM) can be part of the packaging process.

Schematically this looks like the following:

(mp4) files --> packager --> hds|hls|hss|dash (files)
                                 storage (block/object)

Table of contents

The following sections document how to package content for Unified Origin (USP), HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS), HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG-DASH.