New in version 1.7.19.

Adding Latens DRM

The options for enabling encryption are stored in the server manifest file. For Latens encryption a content encryption key (CEK) and key id (KID) are required. You need to provide the following options:


The KID and CEK are passed with the --latens.key option where KID and CEK are separated by a colon, e.g. --latens.key=KID:CEK

Both KID and CEK must be coded in hex (base16).


The DRM specific data. This is the full "pssh" box. Please refer to the Titanium CENC Key Server Interface Specification on how to obtain this. Can either be a Base64 string or a file with the decoded Base64 data. The file name must include a '.'




mp4spit -o video.ism \
  --latens.key=$(KID):$(CEK) \
  --latens.drm_specific_data=pssh.bin \