EventStream Value Add

You can activate this plugin with the string manifest_edit.plugins.mpd.eventstream_value_add.

The EventStream Value Add plugin allows you to add a "value" field to an EventStream element, in case it isn't already present (see of ISO23009-1 standard).

By default, the Origin won't add a "value" attribute to an EventStream, i.e.


However, we know about at least one device that requires its presence, despite the attribute being clearly optional in the DASH standard.

This plugin solves this specific problem by allowing a user to add a configurable value for the "value" attribute, i.e.:


EventStream Value Add configuration

EventStream Value Add configuration is very simple, allowing to specify what will be the content of the value attribute in an EventStream:

- manifest_edit.plugins.mpd.eventstream_value_add:
    value: "<your content>"

The plugin will edit any EventStream in any period (multi-periods manifests are supported too).

If a value field is already present in an EventStream, it will not be overwritten.

You can find another specific example of configuration in the Included Use Cases chapter.