UTC Remove


This plugin has been deprecated. The same functionality can be obtained by making use of the descriptor_remove plugin (see Included Use Cases). You can still use this plugin but in future versions of Unified Origin it may be removed. Migration is highly recommended.

You can activate this plugin with the string manifest_edit.plugins.mpd.utc_remove.

This plugin removes one or more "UTC Timing Descriptor" (as in of the ISO23009-1 standard) to the manifest.

Several possible UTC Timing Schemes are possible (as in of the ISO23009-1 standard), each with its own schemeIdURI and corresponding syntax for the value field.

The uct_remove plugin needs to be configured to select, by schemeIdURI, what UTC Timing Descriptor(s) will be removed. This is done by specifying a - <scheme> list in the configuration section of the Pipeline Configuration file.

- manifest_edit.plugins.mpd.utc_add:
    - <scheme>
    - <scheme>
    - <scheme>

where <scheme> can be one of the following strings:

  • 'http-iso'

  • 'http-xsdate'

  • 'http-ntp'

  • 'ntp'

  • 'http-head'

  • 'direct'

  • '*'

The special value '*' can be used to remove all UTC Timing Descriptors from the manifest, regardless of their number and types.

Specifying any other value will configure utc_remove to remove all occurrences of UTC Timing elements with a matching schemeIdUri.

At runtime, if the plugin detects that no UTCTiming elements are present in the input manifest (i.e. there are no UTCTiming elements to remove), it will emit a warning.


If your manifest has several UTCTiming elements sharing the same schemeIdUri, then it is not possible to configure utc_remove to remove just one of them selectively by value. Instead, you can build a pipeline combining a first stage of "utc_remove", after which you can place an "utc_add" stage to add back the UTCTiming elements you wanted to keep.

You can find additional examples of configuration in the Included Use Cases chapter.