Which devices support DASH playback?

The following lists the devices and/or players that we have successfully tested:

MPEG-DASH Device Playout
Samsung Smart TV (2012 +) VOD and Live
Panasonic Vierra (2013 +) VOD
LG (2012 +) VOD and Live
Philips NetTV 4.1+ VOD
Sony (2012 +) VOD and Live
GPAC/Osmo/MP4Client VOD
Windows 8.1 (IE 11) VOD and Live
ABOX42 player for STB/SmartTV (SDK) VOD and Live
VisualOn Onstream Mediaplayer for STB/SmartTV (SDK) VOD and Live
CastLabs player SDK on iOS and Android VOD and Live
Inside Secure player SDK on iOS VOD and Live
ChromeCast VOD and Live

Which browsers support DASH playback?

While all modern browsers support HTML5 <video> elements, many details of its implementation are still in flux. As a result support for specific codecs, MSE, EME, DRM options, profiles, players etc. differs per browser, release, configuration and OS.

We currently recommend testing with latest DASH-IF reference player.


Make sure the following settings (available under chrome://flags) are configured:

Disable Media Source API Disable
Disable Encrypted Media Extensions Enable
Enable prefixed Encrypted Media Extensions Disable

The reference DASH-JS player works well with Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 11 and the Chrome browser.

See DASH demonstration for a demo using the players above.