Which playout devices / screens are supported?

Silverlight on Windows, Mac, XBox and Windows Phone 7

Standard playback, fast-forward, rewind, and slow motion are all supported.

Note that for the Windows Phone 7 you have to meet the specific encoding requirements , e.g. the resolution is not allowed to change between the different bitrates.

Make sure to use at least version 2.5 of the Windows Media Platform: Player Framework .


Any device running at least Flash 10.1.


Starting from Android "Froyo" 2.2, there is support for Flash 10.1, so you can use an OSMF based player. Android version 3 and up support HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

iDevices (iPhone, iPad)

All devices running iOS version 4 and later are supported.

Clients using the PlayReady Device Porting Kit

Playback of the Smooth Streaming format (with or without PlayReady DRM) for example by Inside Secure's Inside Secure Fusion Server .

Progressive download

Devices that only support progressive download Instead of storing an additional copy of the presentation, you can create an MP4 file on disk that only contains the necessary meta-data and references the actual movie data from the original (fragmented) video.