IIS7 and IIS8


You can install the module for IIS by copying the files from the archive into a directory where IIS can access the file(s).

Create an 'app_code' folder, if you don't already have one, in c:\inetpub\wwwroot.

Copy the Mod-Smooth-Streaming module (mod_smooth_streaming.dll) into the app_code
directory (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\app_code).

Please note that Live is not available for IIS7/8 (Apache is available on Windows for that purpose, see Basic Apache configuration on Windows).


With 1.10.25 installation of fmp4_<version>.dll is required as well for mod_smooth_streaming.dll to work.

This file can be found in the mp4split_<version>-win64.zip package.

The installation directory is the same as for mod_smooth_streaming.dll, the 'app_code' directory mentioned above.


Open up IIS Manager. We will configure three things: mime type, modules and handler mappings.

Mime types

Select 'MIME types'.
Select 'Add'.
Set 'File name extension' to '.ismc' and 'MIME type' to 'text/xml'.
Click 'OK'.


Select 'Modules'.
Select 'Configure Native Modules'.
Select 'Register'.
Set 'Name' to 'ModSmoothStreaming'.
Set 'Path' to the path where the mod_smooth_streaming.dll
  is located (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\App_Code\mod_smooth_streaming.dll).
Click 'OK'.
Click 'OK' again.

Handler mappings

Select Handler Mappings.
Select 'Add Module Mapping'.
Set 'Request Path' to '*.ism'.
Set 'Module' to 'ModSmoothStreaming'.
Set 'Name' to 'ModSmoothStreaming'.
Click 'Request Restrictions'.
Set 'Mappings' to 'Invoke handler only if request is mapped to file'.
Set 'Verbs' to 'All verbs'.
Set 'Access' to 'Execute'.
Click 'OK'.
Click 'OK' again.

Please note, on Windows 2008 (R1) you might need to do the following as well when the module is still disabled:

Select Handler Mappings.
Right click ModSmoothStreaming'.
Select 'Edit Feature Permissions'.
Set 'Permissions' to 'Execute'.

The module now appears under the 'Enabled' Handler Mappings.


Please install your License Key now, otherwise streaming will not work!

After restarting your web server, you can continue with verifying your setup.

Specifics for IIS

License file location:

The license file must be located in the directory accessible by the webserver, this is usually found at this path:


Please ensure it is truly a .key file and not a .txt file with a .key extension. (Show all file extensions should be enabled)

It is also required that the handler for the .mp4 file extension is added to the IIS webserver. Otherwise you will get the mp4 file back as it is stored on disk.

The video/mp4 mime type for this file extension should therefore also exist in the IIS Mime Types or in a web.config file.


There are no specific configuration options available for IIS7/8.

The Windows event log will contain any error messages, using X-Mod-Smooth-Streaming as tag, this will immediately inform you if there is an issue with the license key being found, it's path or if there is an error loading the module.


If the IIS Media Services are already installed on the server this may hijack or prevent any requests being made to the USP Smooth Streaming Module by altering rewrite rules.